Some 20 years ago, I joined my husband in the town of West Bloomfield (Michigan), together with my 3 girls and my golden retriever “Victor” for a 3 years memorable experience as expats in the USA. Winter came soon, after we settled in ; quickly it became freezing cold.

What really struck me was the importance of knitted plaids in their homes

Whilst my kids were at school and my husband at work, I walked my “Victor” in our snowed under condominium. The first days, I felt a little lonely because so few people were walking outside in these cold temperatures. Fortunately, soon many neighbors  fell for the charms of my lovely “Victor”. As a newcomer from Europe and a dog fan, they invited me regularly for a cup of tea.

Whilst we shared experiences it gave me the opportunity to learn about their culture and make soon new friends. During these tea times my passion for home decoration encouraged me to observe their home decoration and talk about it. What really struck me was the importance of knitted plaids ( or throws ) in their homes. Of course these accessories were a welcome protection for the winter days at -20°C but as a professional in home deco I noticed that the endless design, material and color combinations, used in knitted plaids, contributed so much to give their houses a high class and cosy interior finish…

It’s then that I abandoned my first thought to buy some fleece plaids. I found that these kind of plaids were too cheap looking and I decided to use only these gorgeous knitted plaids to decorate my new home in Michigan.

As a creative person I imagined for a while to differentiate by designing and handknitting my plaids myself

As a creative person I imagined for a while to differentiate by designing and handknitting my plaids myself … until I found the ones I loved in a small deco shop in Birmingham (MI). Several of these high quality plaids ended in my house and transformed it into a pretty home sweet home.

Back from the USA my husband got involved in the knitwear business for garments and I returned to my home deco business. Meanwhile “Victor” took on age and we decided to give him a young brother ; a cute golden retriever whose name was “Linton”. One day, coming home from work, I found my young “Linton” huddled against his old brother “Victor”. To do so, they served themselves with one of my preferred plaids. I contemplated this view with a smile and for no reason … that sight of “Victor and Linton”, enjoying the comfort of my plaids, triggered my passed imagination to make a plaid collection myself. And what about the name, I asked for myself ? Within seconds the name of “Victor&Linton” flashed through my mind.

Then I thought what next ? I thought for a second “ When you can imagine it… you can do It ” … and that was it for me; the green light for my new challenge was given.

My mission was clear;  help my customers to turn their house in an even more inspiring home, thanks to “Victor&Linton”

Soon after I started to design my exclusive collection of plaids . I choose the best yarns from reputed spinners and I asked my husband to have my collection knitted by one or two of his best knitters. A few months later I launched my first collection of plaids…. “Victor&Linton” was born.

Immediately the collection of “Victor&Linton” knitted plaids was very well received by my clients… they all love it’s high class styling, craftmanship, quality, lovely touch and subtle color combinations.

Meanwhile poor Victor passed away at the age of 16 and we adopted cute little Maya; a lovely Shiba Inu who quickly became Linton’s best friend.